Mining  in bitcoin is just a term because it is like gold & oil in the virtual world. But the process is the same. We need special equipment for bitcoin mining.  It’s an algorithm calculation and transaction verification in order to get satoshi block or also known as bitcoin.

Bitcoin Mining is the process of solving algorithms with difficulty and verification process by all computer networks around the world for transaction validation. Computers that make a lot of work on algorithm and verification work will be rewards in the form of bitcoin blocks.

There are hundreds, even thousands of bitcoin miners across the globe, the largest and real miners and those who receive a lot of bitcoins are listed on the website

This diagram is a list of large miners who receive bitcoin and run REAL MINING. Not a scam program that says mining but is not in the hash-rate distribution list.

This video show you top 10 bitcoin miners appear on blockchain distribution list.

Bitcoin mining is long-term investment or we call it now a retirement plan. Now, it’s take more than 18 month to break even your capital of investment then you make profits. One of trusted company you can involve in bitcoin mining is Bitclub Network. From 2014 until the last 15 months, no one has a Bitclub Network that does not break even and Bitclub Networks have never failed to pay profits to all members everyday according to their shares.

Below is Bitclub Network Mining Farm located in Iceland.


Facts about BitClub Network are all available on the public website and are all positive. There are no elements that indicate they have scams or rolling money. The results of mining are also organized on a contract basis and are not fixed on a daily basis, depending on the mining results. Its logic, yesterday’s mining results will be distributed today. Transparent and real.

Unlike some programs, yet the mining or trade has promised a return, it’s like not planting a tree to sell the results … think.

Message from Mr. Russ Medlin, Co-Founder Bitclub Network, with Mega Monster Frank Abel from Bitclub Mining Farm Iceland – Nov 2017

We not say Bitclub Network is the best, but so far it’s among the best mining company which offer to public with reasonable price and awesome track record profit return.

For purchase of package shares in Bitclub Network must use bitcoin. if you do not have bitcoin, please buy at public exchanger example, Remitano, Luno, and so on. You can also contact your referral.